Saturday, May 15, 2010


kanban, "(street) sign".

As a learning assignment, I requested students to write their weekly report and post it to the Internet. With a fresh eye to look into Japan, young students indeed have found many interesting facts about the language and the culture unique in today's Japan. This week, I am especially amazed by one post in the Blog dealing with "Engrish". Please take a look. My observation was, rather than English translation, there is much more to say on the Japanese sentences. In fact, to my mind it has come to a stage that I can not tell wether or not it is only a translation of English in the first place. They all do not "sound" like Japanese. Certainly people may argue that it is the "impact" that a public sign was aiming for.

Many regret about rapid language changes. Compare many other expressions or behevious, I do not see this kind of attempt may represent a future of Japanese.