Friday, April 30, 2010


necchurippu, "enthusiasm-tulip".

100430This is a name for a TV program character. The program is still very new, thus this character is far from well known. As a such, this word never existed by now, and it is an artificial product. Here, the way of the creation is rather interesting. The keyword for the program is 熱中 (ねっちゅう), enthusiasm. Then, a popular flower related to this sound is チューリップ, tulip. Here these two words jointed together in a way that the second half of the first word became the first half of the second word. Smart.

For an audience, the above structure may not be clear at the first moment, but there is little doubt that most Japanese speakers understand it easily. The longer of the moment for one to get the answer, the stronger impact that he/she may receive.